Jeroen de Wolf aka dj Wolf was born in The Hague in 1976. During his youth he always has been interested in listening to disco and dance music. He developed musical skills by learning to playing the drums and the piano.

During his time studying in Leiden and Amsterdam, in the late nineties, Wolf started to learn how to spin the decks. After playing at several student parties he was able to develop a deeper underground sound. This development resulted in gigs at several small deejay café’s in Amsterdam, Utrecht and other places in Holland and a first big gig at Club Q in Zwolle. After he finished his bachelors degree of commercial economics, Wolf moved back to The Hague. He started playing at almost every beach bar at the Zwarte Pad in Scheveningen, Silly Symphonies, radio stations and Off Corso in Rotterdam.

Nowadays dj Wolf’s style can be described as progressive deep house and funky techno. He hosts a radio show called Protechnive. This show is broadcasted live every Friday night on . A lot of popular guest deejays have already been in the show and there is much more to come.